Cedar Hollow Fatima                   MITZIE                  Fatima a Mitzie daughter

                                                                                              Sire: CHR Bear                            

Born after the anti-docking (of tails) law they sport the natural Jack Russell tail.

In  2000 I took a 3 week trip to England in search of  breeding stock. After traveling from one end of the Nation to the other, following ads and leads, I drove onto a farm where two Jack Russell's were playing with a soccer ball. I knew I had found the Jack's with the temperament I had been looking for. A litter of 8 pups mostly black and tan in color made my heart sink. I was not into the new color craze sweeping the Jack Russell community.

But there were two pups with traditional color...one a brown and white male, very square in conformation and the other a tricolor female. Those two pups Hoopie and Mitzie became part of my kennel. Their parents are pictured below. La Mar Rosie on the left, La Mar Pudding on the right. Pudding is a tan/wheaten colored Jack (not the best photo in the world) he won me over when he presented me with an old dish soap bottle to toss for him. He was 11" tall and Rosie 10". Hoopie and Mitzie never produced their sires coloring, nor the unusual markings of their mother.

      La Mar Rosie                                            La Mar Pudding


Prestwick Fred ~ Foundation Sire

Fred is the foundation sire of one of the Cedar Hollow maternal lines. Fred is the sire of Eloise and Lilly. Bred by Nightengale Farms they became the two females that established one arm of Cedar Hollow's foundation pedigrees. Doer of Cedar Hollow was a son of Fred.



La Mar Hoopie of Cedar Hollow                 La Mar Mitzie of Cedar Hollow